About  us

We are Team Excalibur, a Sharon Massachusetts youth robotics team taking part in the First Tech Challenge program. This is our first year competing in First Tech Challenge, but many of our members participated in other First competitions such as FLL, First Lego League since Trash Trek in 2015 and have gotten many awards.

Meet Our Team

Ronin Banerjee

Ronin is a 17 year old junior attending Sharon High School. He likes to play soccer, ultimate frisbee, and swim. Some of his hobbies are playing the piano, chess, and photography. He enjoys developing original programs using Python and Java. As a captain of Team Excalibur, he enjoys all aspects of STEM, Robotics, Problem Solving, and supporting the team. This is Ronin's Third year on Team Excalibur, acquiring the Deans List Semifinalist Award in the 2021-2022 season, but he has participated in FLL for 5 years and mentored FLL teams for over 2 years. 


Aditya is a 16-year-old Junior at Sharon High school. He loves playing video games, volleyball, and Ultimate Frisbee. His favorite musicians are Glaive, Keshi, and Ericdoa. In addition to being a captain of Team Excalibur. He values all aspects of STEM, Robotics, and engineering. This is Aditya's 3rd year on the team, but has been participating in FIRST challenges for 7 years.

Aarav Thacker

Hi my name is Aarav. I am attending Sharon High Sharon as a 18-year-old junior. My interests include photography, cooking, and learning about STEM outside of school. I love to play sports, my favorites are basketball, ultimate, and cricket. This is my second year in FTC, but I have participated for three years in FLL.

Daniel Liverant

Daniel is a 17-year-old Junior at Sharon High School. In his free time, he likes playing basketball, ultimate frisbee, and guitar. His favorite subjects in school are math and science, and he likes watching sports like Football and Basketball. He likes listening to music, and some of his favorite artists are Drake, Kanye, and Kendrick Lamar. This is his third year participating in the First Tech Challenge program, but he participated in FLL in the past. 

Anthony UWu

Anthony is a 16 year-old Junior at Sharon High School. He enjoys playing sports of all kinds including volleyball, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. He also enjoys playing the drums. His favorite subjects are math and science, especially physics. Music is a big part of his life and a few of his favorite artists are Niki, Arctic Monkeys, Keshi, and Joji, all of which he listens to religously. This is Anthony's 3rd year in FTC but his 5th overall year in FLL.

charlie Bielawa

Hi! I’m Charlie. I’m a 16-year-old junior at Sharon High. I love playing sports and my favorites are Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer. I love writing, reading, and stem subjects. I also enjoy listening to music and my favorite genre is pop. I spend a lot of my time playing video games with my friends. This is my third year participating in FTC and I was part of FLL in the past couple of years. 

Omar Kannachankudy

Hello! Omar is a 15-year-old, and currently a sophomore at Sharon High School. His favorite subjects in school are Physics and he likes to read, play soccer, listen to music, and play video games in his free time. Recently he has been learning to code in Java, which has been a great deal of fun for him. This is his second year in FTC, but he was part of Team Sci-Fi Knights in FLL for over 3 years. Omar is currently working on engineering the Team Excalibur robot with his peers.

Ashaz ChowDhury

Ashaz is a 16 year old in his junior year at Sharon High School. His interests include math, science, and history, with a specific passion for marine biology. Some of Ashaz's interests include fashion, listening to music, playing video games, and spending more money than he has. This is his third year in FTC, and his first on Excalibur. Previously, Ashaz participated in FLL throughout elementary and middle school, and currently works primarily within outreach on Team Excalibur.

Theo Tran

Hi, I am Theo. I am attending Sharon High Sharon as a 16-year-old junior. Out of school, my interests include creating digital art, reading, and learning about STEM. I love playing tennis and ultimate, but I mainly focus on swimming. This is my first year in FTC, but I have participated for over five years in FLL.